Welcome To Our Critter Corral!

   Ride-A-Critters are built on a sturdy wooden frame; put together with glue, screws, and metal braces. They are stuffed with cloth and have a 4 or 5 inch foam pad on the seat depending on the animal. The hide is fake fur, and the eyes are painted on a cloth and sewn on so there isn’t anything to damage children, walls or furniture. They are cleaned with upholstery shampoo as you would any fine furniture. Each is an original Handcrafted and useful Stuffy. They can be used as a Footstool, Riding Toy or TV Chair. They are realistic appearing and come with a Pedigree and Care Card.
Custom animals are available and I can make anything such as bass, bear, buffalo, goats, kangaroo, lions, moose, pigs, sheep, tigers, triceratops and unicorns.

   I do NOT make dogs but am open to almost any other ideas. Prices for these vary and are dependent upon how exotic the animals are. Replicas of your animal can be made from a photo and I do not charge for putting your brand on the animal.

   These lovable handcrafted critters are realistic appearing and are powered by children’s energy. They do not need food or water and you don’t even have to get up and let them out at night!!

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